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Ultrasonic record cleaner

279 euro


Ultrasonic record cleaner 

140 euro

universal drive module

Designed for every 6.5 liter tank
119 euro


Ultrasonic record cleaner 

98 euro

Hello to all vinyl lovers.
Our devices are designed for vinyl record lovers who are not satisfied with mechanical cleaners.
We are a small garage manufactory constructing equipment for cleaning vinyl records.

Vinyl records are very sensitive to dirt and mechanical damage, which causes undesirable noises and crackles during playback. The condition of the record deteriorates with improper storage and handling, which leads to a decrease in listening quality. Mechanical damage ("scratches" and "abrasions")
are difficult to repair.
However, the most common cause of noise is dirt. Careful listening (preferably with headphones) reveals that in mono you can hear noise caused by scratches, and in stereo you can hear dirt. Ultrasonic cleaners are often used by professionals, including vinyl dealers, to revitalize older records because they cannot be effectively cleaned with mechanical cleaners. These devices are expensive and therefore usually not used at home.
We offer you a simplified and effective device. It does not have liquid filtration, drying and other expensive functions. Instead, it has a simple design,
affordable for enthusiasts who appreciate that clarity is essential for good-sounding music.
The devices are construction using existing components, based on many years of experience in cleaning and revitalizing old and damaged vinyl records.

We also offer equipment and accessories useful for cleaning and make the work of cleaning vinyl records easier and more convenient.

Our shop is currently under construction. Please send us an e-mail to calculate the shipping cost.
  We ship packages to many countries, it is difficult to calculate shipping costs automatically.  

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