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 ultrasonic record cleaners and accessories

Cleaning dirty vinyl is not so easy as you wish. There is no universal way. Sometimes you need to use several ways to do it or use both processes: mechanical and ultrasonic. When you see a footprint on your record you must know it won’t be easy. Some records need special attention and time, for some it is enough to clean them quickly and once only. If records are very dirty (like from trash) it is better to clean them in pure water before. Ultrasounds are very selective and accurate.
It does not allow the removal of a thick layer of dust and dirt.
When you listen to your record and you hear crackling and unwanted noises, surface of vinyl looks probably like this.

It needs to have the dirt removed without damaging the surface of the vinyl. It’s almost impossible to it mechanically, especially when the dirt is old and glued to the surface. Only ultrasonic cleaner can handle this. Because of the cost of ultrasonic cleaners many people construct the unit themselves.
With better or worse result.
But it cost quite a few and needs time and experience.
So if you don’t want or you are not able to do it, think about our device.
But remember – the cleaner does not works miracles, it only cleans the vinyl surface.
You can easily check the condition of the vinyl record using usb digital microscope.
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Results after one single cleaning in our device.