Stylus (Lubricating) Oil
Improves the quality when playing scratched vinyl

38 euro

Unique, exceptional, very effective , natural solution known as C3H62. It is safe both for the stylus and the cartridge.

How does it work? The stylus covered with a micro layer of this solution/oil will prevent any skips and will improve overall sound quality of vinyl records. It will also reduce the amount of crackle-and-pops which are caused by micro crack of the records and those caused by electrostatic charges.

How to use Prerequisite to using this oil is that both the record and the stylus must be very clean. Any dust that is left in the grooves of the record and dirty stylus will eliminate any effects of using this oil mixture. The kit includes nonalcoholic cleaning solution for your stylus. The bottle containing the oil (tall, glass bottle) has a specially designed brush which must be used to apply the oil to the stylus. Please use this oil, every approx. 5 records, remembering to always clean the stylus and use well cleaned records.