Stylus cleaner kit
For the restoration and stylus cleaning

24 euro

Stylus cleaning liquid is the first set for home, but thorough cleaning of a gramophone stylus.
Particularly useful for turntables whose cartridges have not been cleaned for a long time.
A set consisting of a thorough washing liquid, a daily washing liquid and suitable, dust-free, velor sticks, a silicone sponge and a special brush.
All this will allow you to effectively clean even very neglected stylus.
Attention, the thorough cleaning liquid contains a caustic agent, however in a safe dilution
Such a stylus cleaning operation should be performed in a situation where it is impossible to clean the styluse with standard procedure.
1 Thorough cleaning of the stylus should be performed on the cartridge removed from the tonearm
2 Hold the cartrige with the stylus down so that liquid does not get into the magnet and other parts of the cartrige.
3 Only clean the stylus and cantilever
a. remove the cartrige
b. take a larger spatula with velor and soak it with liquid through a dropper.
c. carefully but gently clean the stylus and cantilever.
d. wait about 30 seconds and use the same spatula to remove the remaining dirt from the stylus and cartrige.
e. if there is still dirt on the stylus, please repeat the washing
f. when the stylus is clean, clean it with stylus cleaner.
g. a spatula with a tiny tip is used for thorough dry cleaning of the stylus.
h. gently wash the cartrige insert with the stylus cleaner and dry it with dust-free pads.